Preferred installers program is something we arrange regular at Bolon - some days ago we invited 20 flooring installers from Finland. After these 2 days of work shop they leave Bolon with a preferred installer certificate. The second last work shop station was to create a own pattern out of our Studio tiles range and the last was gathering for a tasty dinner at our lake house! Looks good on each station :-)

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Some mission are more flattering to do then others.. Yesterday I was invited to talk about Bolon at Dagens Industri (Scandinavias largest business newspaper) and their Gasell gala. (Gasell means the most growing small companies) In front of 1000 people in the audiens I was interviewed by the chief editor Peter Fellman on stage in approx 25 minutes.. Exciting and fun to be among the invited guests as the CEO of Volvo entered the stage after me.. 

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Our office is a small mess at the moment! Bolon increasing in employees and we need to find more space for our coming team members.. In this area the marketing department will find their home and their exciting space will be a new design studio.. 

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I Love our production, it's the heart of Bolon - it is here the dreams comes true, our visions and ambitions gets together. Years of planning, years of dreaming, or minutes of an idea... It alls comes together in here! The sounds from the machines, the visuell look when a fresh new design and pattern binds together.. That is creativity, handicraft and so much more in one space!

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Got this photo from Linn: Mum, look who I bumped in to at CDG airport, good looking guys on tour from Bolon :-)

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Such an important matter, continue supporting VOI is a easy choice for us. The farm is growing and there are now 50 children in the program (20 when we started to support) We met JanEric and Britt the other day to go through what happened since we met last and the needs at the moment.. To see the developing and that right support brings a more decent life for children in need is one of the most easiest decision ever to say: Yes - of course VOI can count of us!

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Many visitors passing Bolon every week, I can't capture them all... Last week we had architects from Stockholm, Skellefteå and Gothenburg visiting us. I was in meeting all day but got a photo from our dinner and dessert - tasty day and evening for all sences!

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Borås, the city next to Ulricehamn is a great friend of Bolon, last week thursday Marie and I was invited to talk about our passion and what drives us to always push Bolon forward. It was our friend Paul Frankelius who invited us, in the audience we saw many of Borås fantastic entrepreneurs (Borås has a long history and tradition in the textile and fashion industry), very flattering of course. By the end of the evening we gave "new entrepreneurs" scholarship to continue grow their business ideas, an important and great thing the foundation Curamus initiated! Thank you Borås and Curamus for a nice evening!

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Since a year back Im not at Bolon HQ every week as I live in Stockholm and work from there between my travels. Suits me perfect at the moment, but still I miss the pulse and the special feeling it gives to be in the heart of Bolon, the DNA is in Ulricehamn.. It felt great to be back this week

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