As you maybe noticed in the last post, me and mom went for a two-day long trip to Berlin the past days. During tuesday morning we had a nice breakfast meeting with Jan-Peter, our sales person in Berlin, to catch up the past weeks and he updated us with his latest news. It is always fun for me who is (relatively) new, to hear the different needs, behaviors and the demand in different markets and countries. How different strategies and products works better than other. I refer to all nice chats i had during the kick-off and also my latest trip to Tokyo with Advan – but as ground we all have the same goals and visions. I find it so interesting… 🙂

And from that, it was funny to see a small cultural change between Germany and Sweden, even if we’re almost neighbors 😉 …Look at our breakfasts. As a breakfast-monster I am I thought Jan-Peter was a little bit crazy when just chose bread and jam, among all the other delicious things.

After a good chat we went to the roof and did some last-minute tanning… You never know when you’ll see the sun next time during this time of the year in northern Europe, so you better take your chance when you get it. When tanning was done, we of course had to finish up with a mandatory photo with the classical Berlin view!