Different thinking

In a world of guidelines its very refreashing to act differently therefore Bolon collection gives you the opportunity to be creative.
Below we show some different Bolon installations where the creativity have surpassed the usual thinking!

A cruise ship based in The Netherlands installed Bolon “Outdoor” collection as a chessboard.

Bolon “Twilight Crave” itself is daring and this example show a maximalistic installation.
Eburon Hotel in Belgium choose Bolon “Now Pink” in the rooms as well as in the corridors, a daring example of how you can let the floor have its own expression.

The Montis showroom choose Bolon “Zenith” for a plain look and let their furniture do the talking.
The Peppermint event tent choose Bolon “Now Silver” for its cool look, easy installation and like all other Bolon products its very durable.