Haute Couture

Lars Wallin, the Swedish top Haut Couture designer is working on a exhibition ” from handicraft to haute couture” we love that theme as Bolon is similar in one way, but in flooring then.. We decided to do a collaboration with Lars during this three month of exhibition who will take place in Stockholm from may 2011 and onwards.

We worked with Lars during the SPEKTRA collection 2008, the model is wearing a dress designed by Lars.

Bolon BKB Black is also at Lars studio

Meeting up Lars in his lovely studio is always fantastic! See and touch all haute couture dresses as celiberties and royalties worn in public performances. I remember Lars told me, “when I first saw Bolon I went down on my knee to feel and touch the wonderful texture, I want this in my studio” Here we are, one thing leads to another thing..