Marie and myself was typical girls crazy for horses when we where younger, our passion for horses took us to a high level, competing for the swedish nation team, then in mid ages our passion for Bolon started… We learned a lot from our time with our horses, responsibility, team play and it’s only hard work who takes you to the price ceremony… We have much to thank our 18 years with horses for where we are today with Bolon. Hard work, never give up and believe in your vision and ambitions.. Anyway, “The Story of Bolon” of course includes me and my daughter Linn on a horse! Last august we did the photo shoot, I borrowed my friends horse and took off to Bolon, here are some behind the scenes photos.
Ebba trying to give attention to have the horse ears forward 😉

Linn won her first competition, 13 years old (5 years ago)