Our core values is: Knowledge, Attitude and Motion.. To understand these values you have to see the world from a market aspect, outside and in – not the other way! Bolon have to understand the markets needs, which you don’t do if you sit the year around in our beautiful forest at our factory/office. We have to be out there to be present, be available and create awareness of us! In Toronto we did our best!

We had a great meeting Shauna Levy, the Vice President of the IDS show, a powerful women who knows everybody in this business!

Michael Young and Jean-Marie Massaud were the guests of Honor at this show, both are great guys who we had a nice chat with. (Michael on this photo)
Networking is a part of the business, Avenue Road is the leader Interior distribitor in Canada, they arranged a fantastic event last evening. Of course Helen and I mingle and met interesting people.
Now we leaving Toronto with more knowledge, inspiration and focus on what to do in our future. Sweden, we miss you!