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Hobnob Founders Interpret Missoni Home

Posted by Bolon on September 18, 2019
For the third time, the universe of Bolon meets the universe of Missoni in a wild and colourful party of Swedish craftsmanship and Italian design. Together with Hobnob Journal, a cyber magazine founded by Linn Eklund and Fanny Ekstrand as a response to fashion media getting too streamlined (and to be honest, too dull), Bolon shares the different ways to style and use the Bolon x Missoni Home flooring.
What Hobnob is all about
The Hobnob woman is about going all-in in a fearless way but with a never-stop-learning mindset when it comes to personal style – regardless if it’s about an outfit or a living room. The founders of the cyber magazine, Linn and Fanny talks about how fashion and interior never have been closer, which also applies well to this collaboration. 
”We wanted to take the floors and really scale them up into new expressions and use our personal style to make the floors 4 dimensional”
Linn, a fourth generation of Bolon family, explains.
Hobnob Founder and fourth generation Bolon, Linn Eklund. Here seen with the Zigzag Turquoise.
Hobnob founder Fanny Eklund and the new Missoni ZigZag Green. 
The Trinidad was instantly the Hobnob womens' favourite floors. Visiting the journal,  you can see why. The playfulness of the colors and different sizes of the iconic stripes are truly timeless in a very expressional way.
”I’d wear this floor as a dress any day”, Fanny says. She continues: ”it really gives the room a feeling of endless space using the stripes on long side”.
Linn Eklund and the hobnob favourite, Trinidad. 
Mixing and matching Trinidad with colours and clothing details knows no stop.
A flooring or a fashion detail? Both?
”If I were to use one word to explain my style I’d be fireworks”. Linn is no stranger to color explosions that’s one thing for sure.
”But what really strikes us with this floor, something that really is characteristic to all Bolon floorings, is how the light moves around the threads, creating new angles and patterns every way you look” Linn says ”and that is exactly how I think when getting dressed in the morning, small parties going in my outfit, everywhere you look”.
Fanny and the iconic Fireworks Black in a yellow, shimmery combo.
Fanny and Fireworks Black.
Black and white with Fireworks white.
Does it get more Missoni than Zigzag? Name one duo more iconic, I’ll wait. Both Linn and Fanny were excited about this floor, not only because it was this idea, the combination of Bolon weaving and Missonis Zigzag that gave birth to this whole collaboration some years ago but also for its new colours and looks.
”The Zigzag really is kind of a neutral! You know how those swinging ladies that are always first down to the pool area on vacation think leopard is a neutral? The Zigzag is like that, so self-evident to an eclectic home and style” Linn says ”just imagine what this floor would do to a room with walls in the same color and a matching outfit, I get all excited”.
Maybe you can match your outfit with it too?
ZigZag green in an all green, lush combo.
Rainbow, glitter and turquoise in a mix with the Missoni classic, ZigZag.
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