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How Acoustic Flooring Improves Your Space

Posted by Bolon on July 07, 2017

Sound insulation is an important feature to have in a building as it prevents the transmission of sound disturbances, but what are the actual benefits of impact sound absorbing floors and where does it truly make a difference?

Impact Sound Insulation (ISI) refers to the reduction of footstep noise when walking on a flooring surface. Contrary to what most people think, Impact Sound Insulation is determined by the sound pressure level in the adjacent room below, not in the room where the flooring is actually installed. In practice, this means that Bolon's acoustic flooring will hinder unwanted noise to sneak into the room below.


For us, ISI or acoustic floors, is just another innovative feature of our flooring, helping to reduce noise disturbances wherever installed. This underlay premiered in our Silence collection in 2014, but is now available as a customised option for all of the products in the Bolon range.

By incorporating this underlay, the decibel value has been improved from 11 dB to 17dB (depending on the flooring collection). Additionally, the acoustic floors does not compromise the durability, fire resistance or overall performance  it only adds to the list of unique characteristics of Bolon flooring. 

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Prominently featured in our Silence collection, the flooring enhancement is the perfect choice for areas where sound matters – hotel bedrooms, busy lobbies, crowded office spaces,  libraries and other high foot traffic areas where ISI floors improves the quality of the indoor environment.