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Let's Celebrate Diversity and Welcome a New Collection

Posted by Bolon on February 10, 2019

You, me, he, she, they, we, whoever, whatever, whenever. Design has no gender nor nationality. It comes without constraints. As a force of inspiration built from passion and differences. And maybe that’s why we are so unreasonably excited to present and celebrate our new collection: DIVERSITY.

The collection is literally alive, based on dynamic shapes and patterns. It gives designers and architects a new toolbox of sophisticated playfulness. And as the name conveys, the inspiration comes from curiosity beyond constraints and prejudices.

Bolon's koncept film for Diversity 2019.

Petra Lundblad, designer at Bolon, smiles as she describes the collection.

“I love this collection. It is different. And it’s allowed to be. It will give any space that extra dimension. I can imagine it as a personal touch in a design boutique or as a statement in a larger venue. And no matter what or where it’s just inspiring.” 

Bolon_Flooring_Diversity_Buzz_Spice_BlingGarnetDiversity buzz and bling, two new designs from the 2019 Diversity collection.

The DIVERSITY collection comes in three different patterns:

# 1. BLING

Oversized and twisted chain links create a bold expression with a lot of personality.

Bolon_Flooring_Diversity_Bling_AmberDiversity; Bling Amber.

Bolon_Flooring_Diversity_Bling_AmberAboveDiversity Bling; Amber.

Bolon_Flooring_Diversity_Bling_TopazAboveDiversity, Bling;Topaz. 

Bolon_Flooring_Diversity_Bling_GarnetAboveDiversity, Bling; Garnet.

# 2. BUZZ

A feathered and mottled look with a glossy shimmering weft gives this pattern a life of its own. 

Bolon_Flooring_Diversity_BuzzAll Diversity Buzz in Bolon's Bolon Studio™ 50 x 50 tiles.

Bolon_Flooring_Diversity_Buzz_GrassDiversity, Buzz; Grass.

Bolon_Flooring_Diversity_Buzz_GrassAboveDiversity, Buzz; Grass.

Bolon_Flooring_Diversity_Buzz_ChestnutAboveDiversity, Buzz; Chestnut.

Bolon_Flooring_Diversity_Buzz_PebbleAboveDiversity, Buzz; Pebble.

Bolon_Flooring_Diversity_Buzz_StrawAboveDiversity, Buzz; Straw.

Bolon_Flooring_Diversity_Buzz_Straw_PebbleDiversity Buzz in 50 x 50 tiles.



Large floral motifs with a touch of watercolour makes the bouquet a subtle and elegant friend.

Bolon_Flooring_Diversity_Bouquet_Blush-1Diversity;Bouquet has a large floral pattern, almost like a watercolour painting.

Bolon_Flooring_Diversity_Bouquet_PureAboveDiversity Bouquet; Pure.

Bolon_Flooring_Diversity_Bouquet_BlushAboveDiversity Bouquet, Blush.

Let’s celebrate, love and live diversity together.