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Missoni Home – An Explosion of Colours and Patterns

Posted by Bolon on September 04, 2019

In an explosion of patterns and colours, the new Missoni Home flooring collection premiered in the beginning of September 2019. In this post, we'll guide you through all new flooring pattern designs where Missoni's characteristic art, design and craft marry Bolon's quality flooring. 

1. trinidad

Bold, vibrant, colourful and striped – Trinidad has a pattern recognised from Missoni Home's iconic rug design. The striped Trinidad gives a special, cheerful character and a striking design feature to any kind of space.

A future classic? We think so.

trinidadMissoni Home Trinidad.

trinidad2Missoni Home Trinidad Close-Up. 

2. Fireworks

Joining Trinidad in being a completely new pattern, Fireworks is also inspired by Missoni's signature fabrics but features a stronger graphic pattern with a flowing gradient. Available in both black and white.

Bolon_Flooring_MissoniHome_Fireworks_BlackCloseMissoni Home Fireworks Black.

firesworksblackFireworks black close-up.

fireworks whiteFireworks White in an interior setting.

fireworkswhiteFireworks White close-up.

3. ZigZag

The 2019 Missoni Home launch brings three new takes on an old classic – the ZigZag. Missoni's signature design comes in green for a verdant natural vibe, in red for a refreshing feel and blue for a harmony of colour.

Bolon_Flooring_MissoniHome_ZigzagGreenCloseMissoni home ZigZag Green.

Bolon_Flooring_MissoniHome_ZigzagRedCloseMissoni Home ZigZag Red.

Bolon_Flooring_MissoniHome_ZigzagTurquoiseCloseMissoni Home ZigZag Turquoise.

Bolon_Flooring_MissoniHome_Zigzag_RedMissoni Home ZigZag red in an interior setting.

Bolon_Flooring_MissoniHome_ZigzagSandCloseMissoni Home ZigZag Sand.

Bolon_Flooring_MissoniHome_ZigzagBlackCloseMissoni Home ZigZag Black.

4. flame 

Available in the classic, yellow Pineapple colour as well is in a sober, stone grey – Flame Pineapple would best be described as a truly captivating flooring created to give any space depth of character and a warm, attractive feel. 

Bolon_Flooring_MissoniHome_FlamePineappleCloseMissoni Home Flame Pineapple.

Bolon_Flooring_MissoniHome_Flame_StoneCloseBolon Missoni Flame Stone.

5. flame patch

Flame patch comes in three completely new colour-ways  Lagoon, Black and Wood.

Bolon_Flooring_MissoniHome_FlamePatchLagoonCloseMissoni Home Flame Lagoon.

Bolon_Flooring_MissoniHome_FlamePatch_BlackCloseMissoni Home Flame Patch Black.

Bolon_Flooring_MissoniHome_FlamePatchWoodCloseMissoni Home Flame Patch Wood.

Interested in knowing more about the Bolon and Missoni collaboration? Read the press release here.

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