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5 Stunning Museum Designs: Art on Every Surface

Posted by Bolon on October 09, 2018

We've come across some architecture and design candy in the form of museums that are well-worth a visit for their architecture alone. Here they are:

1. Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town, South Africa.

zeits_moca7Photo cred:  Iwan Baan

Zeitz-MOCAA-THA-5584Photo cred:  Iwan Baan

Zeits_MOCA-8Photo cred:  Iwan Baan

Zeits_Moca3Photo cred: Iwan Baan

zeits_moca5Photo cred:  Iwan Baan

zeits_moca_6Photo cred:  Iwan Baan

Why we're impressed: Its uniqueness.

In this building, the architect Thomas Heatherwick has created a building which could be described as a mix between a raw, concrete cathedral and a former oil factory. We're loving the way floors and ceilings are matching, which without stealing attention from the artwork contributes to a simple, structured design concept.

3. museum of old and modern art, MONA, Hobart, tasmania.

mona tasmania4Photo cred: Fender Katsalidis architects

mona 21 ben hoskingPhoto cred: James Turrell, MONA.

fenderkatsa                                                             Photo cred: Fender Katsalidis architects

MONA30Photo cred: Ben Hosking, the artist and MONA.

MONA cred Photo cred: Ben Hosking, the artist and MONA.

fenderkatsalidis_Photo cred: Fender Katsalidis architects

Memorial+to+the+Sacred+Wind+or+The+Tomb+of+a+Kamikaze,+1969,+Jean+Tinguely Image courtesy of the artist and MONA.

Why we're impressedMona's underground location. 

Through a spiral staircase that leads down to three different levels, the visitor walks around an area that is built into the sides of the cliffs of the Berridale peninsula.

4. Louisiana museum of modern art, Copenhagen, denmark.

louisaiana3Photo cred: Louisiana 

louisaian location 2Photo cred: Erin Greenaweld

Giacometti-LouisianaPhoto cred: Culturalish

Why we're impressed: Louisiana's mix between art and nature. 

Serving as the perfect backdrop, the green, lush background invites nature to be a part of the exhibition. 

4. Miho Museum, shiga, Japan.

approach_intro_pcPhoto cred: Miho Museum

mihomuseum5Photo cred: Miho Museum

_mihoPhoto cred: Miho Museum

Miho Museum cred Miho MuseumPhoto cred: Miho Museum

mihomuseum3Photo cred: Miho Museum

Why we're impressed: Miho's geometrical framework.

Without being too obvious, this sacred museum located smack bang in the mountains of Japan, brings geometry into every aspect of the architecture.


fotografiskaPhoto cred: Julian Herzog

Photo cred; Kristofer Johnsson

bolon fotografiskaOur own picture. Fotografiska features 2500 m2 of Bolon Graphic Etch.

fotografiska locationPhoto cred: Fotografiska 

Why we're impressed: Its stunning views.

Apart from hosting the world's best museum restaurant (okay, it classified as number two, but still, in our eyes it's number one) and exhibiting some of the world's best photography, the location of fotografiska is stunning. And so is the flooring ;)

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