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New Bolon Studio Form: Link

Posted by Bolon on March 26, 2019

March 2019 has seen the release of our new Bolon studio tile: Link.

Adding to the bespoke Bolon Studio™ concept that has evolved around a current amount of seven shapes – Deco, Hexagon, Rectangle, Scale, Triangle, Wing and Wave – the newly released Link has a rhombus shaped form that could either be combined with other Bolon Studio flooring shapes (such as the Hexagon – stunning combo) or installed by its own.

Depending on the choice of colour, the direction of yarn and the fall of light on the flooring, the chosen design pattern will take on completely different characteristics, making it easy for designers and architects to custom flooring to their exact creative needs and wants.

Seen on the pictures further down this post is the combination of Link and Hexagon, which harmonise beautifully when combined.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 15.33.30

Bolon_Flooring_StudioTilesLink_Diversity_Bouquet_Pure_Hexagon_Buzz_GrassSeen here is Diversity; Bouquet Pure in Link and Hexagon shapes in Diversity Buzz; Grass.

Bolon_Flooring_StudioTilesLink_Diversity_Bouquet_Pure_Hexagon_Buzz_GrassCloseClose up of Link studio tiles in Diversity; Bouquet Pure  and Hexagon shapes in Diversity Buzz; Grass.

Bolon_Flooring_StudioTilesLink_Diversity_Buzz_Spice_Hexagon_Buzz_ChestnutCloseAnother photo of Link studio tiles in Diversity; Bouquet Pure  and Hexagon shapes in Diversity Buzz; Grass.

Bolon_Flooring_StudioTilesLink_Diversity_Bouquet_Pure_Hexagon_Buzz_GrassP Link studio tiles in Diversity; Bouquet Pure  and Hexagon shapes in Diversity Buzz; Grass

Bolon_Flooring_StudioTilesLink_Diversity_Buzz_Pebble_Straw_Chestnut_Bouquet_Blush_PureBolon Link flooring studio tiles in Diversity Buzz Pebble, Straw and Chestnut combined with Bouquet Blush and Pure.

Bolon Studio™ Link is available in our designs Buzz and Bouquet from this year’s new collection Diversity, as well as in Artisan, BKB, Botanic, Create, Elements, Ethnic, Flow, Now and Silence.



Want to know more about Bolon Studio? Click here to read an extensive guide, see pictures of all our Bolon tiles and get your head around the difference between our Bolon Standard and Bolon Studio concept.