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November's Most Clicked Design Projects

Posted by Bolon on December 03, 2018

As October comes to a close, here's a look back at the clicked projects of our website during the month of October:


The international architectural firm PDM chose a triangular design concept as a key ingredient for its spectacular interior setting at Adidas’ new office premises in Shanghai. Here, flooring has been used to create cohesion between the department areas and achieve openness. Adidas and Bolon are no strangers to one another – seven thousand square metres of floor space at the company’s Amsterdam offices are covered by Bolon’'s woven vinyl design flooring.

adidas headquartersHuge version of our Bolon Studio Triangles at Adidas HQ in Shanghai.


5075d0e7f7f9e74952bdfdceefaf6403f2cb0cf9At Adidas HQ I Shanghai, one is always surrounded by their branding and products. Here, the brand identity can be experienced through the design.

b1a059fe99d2464f2e88903990207b17ea381898Cool design at Adidas Headquarters, Shanghai. 

Flooring featured in above pictures: Bolon Sisal Plain Mole, BKB Sisal Plain Steel and BKB Sisal Plain Black. Check out the whole BKB collection here. 

BKB_blackBKB Sisal plain black, is a part of the design concept in Adidas Headquarters. 

2. Savills, LONDON

When renovating the offices of Savills in Richmond, London recently, MCM Architecture chose Bolon flooring from the Silence collection for this Savills office – installing the articles of Sense, Gracious, Illuminate, Visual and Balance. Using a combination of both portrait and landscape planks, the result was a visually dynamic yet calming interior environment.

savills3Silence planks making it visually dynamic yet calming interior environment.

savills1Quite fascinating how much a flooring can make a difference for a room.

savills2Bolon silence planks.

bolon silenceAnother example of a setting of Bolon Silence, 

3. Sparebank, frederikstad, norway

An intimate, contemporary bank office with a natural feeling was the goal. Bolon helped to fulfill their wish, says Geir Hermansson from Griff Architects. Even if Sparebank 1 is Norways second biggest bank concern they find their strength in acting on a local level. In their new office in Fredrikstad the interior concept was inspired by the surrounding nature and the archipelago. The collection Artisan from Bolon fitted the concept well due to its textile feel, good durability and acoustics, and the possibility to have a light, Scandinavian colour on the floor.

Sparebank1_NOSparebank features triangles from the Bolon Studio collection in Artisan Ecru.

 Sparebank1_2_NOThe beige tones of Artisan Ecru brings a divine vibe to Sparebank in Norway. 

sparebank3Artisan Ecru in a yellow combination. 

Most popular projects of September were an office, a skybar and a law firm. Explore them and their different design flooring here.