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Plas – Best Retail Project of the Year?

Posted by Bolon on November 26, 2019

In a time where most people seem to think that e-commerce will be the end of retail stores, could it be that the physical store becomes even more important due to its ability of creating a real-life merchandise experience that shows customers what lies at heart of a brand?

Plas clothing store in Gravina in Puglia, Italy, is such an example.


The Italian Women's clothing store, Plas, in Gravina in Puglia proves that the physical retail store is rather not dying but serve as an important tool in letting customers get an impression of what Plas is all about – as the minimalist design and sober colour palette echoes the styling and the spirit of a store where customers feel at peace and love visiting.

Sophisticated colour palette

With an interior concept of white, dusty pink, sober 'greige' flooring and velvety burned orange – Plas, features a 'minimal-chic' interior that was conceived with the intention of outlining a contemporary atmosphere through the use of a retro and elegant palette of colors. 


Sober, divine and peaceful yet a fun colour palette on display at Plas. Here, the Bolon Elements flooring marries hues of avocado green and dusty pink in a combination of velvet and brass. 


Except the exclusive interior design, the layout of the store is defined by metal tubes that accompany the customer along a metropolitan chromatic path to create the perfect shopping experience.

plas9Greigy, peaceful yet fun colour hues at Plas in Italy.

plas7The calm flooring contributes to a soft, minimalist look.


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