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Best in Show: A Recap of Stockholm Design Week

Posted by Bolon on February 13, 2019

Stockholm Design Week 2019 has come to an end, and all eyes of the design world are recovering after an eventful week. From creative exhibitions to unique house installations and thrilling parties, we collected some of the highlights from Scandinavia's coolest design event.

What we were up to:

@the SFF fair >>

The Bolon installation during the week premiered Diversity, a new flooring collection launched at the fair. Playing on the idea of perspectives, the exhibition displayed the three main patterns of Diversity – Bling, Buzz and Bouquet – three floorings which work best when combined together.


Image from iOS (7)Seen in the picture is Diversity, our newest collection of 2019. On the left: Bling Amber. Right: Buzz Spice. Photo by: Jason Strong 

Image from iOS (6)   The Stand at SFF represented a house with different windows, all connected to Diversity. Photo by: Jason Strong 

Neri&Hu – Guest of Honor 2019

Neri&Hu's Guest of Honor exhibition, the unfolding village, raises international awareness on the disappearance of Chinese traditional villages. The Bolon Jean Nouvel No. 3 was being used all over the 200 square meters surface and looked as stunning as always.

Read more about the exhibition here.

BolonSFF2019_GuestOfHonour1Photo courtesy: Jason Strong Photography

BolonSFF2019_GuestOfHonour2Photo courtesy: Jason Strong Photography

BolonSFF2019_GuestOfHonour4Photo courtesy: Jason Strong Photography

BolonSFF2019_GuestOfHonour5Photo courtesy: Jason Strong Photography

BolonSFF2019_GuestOfHonour3Photo courtesy: Jason Strong Photography

@Bolon Lab Store >>

2019 marks the 70th birthday of Bolon and deserves to be celebrated... over and over again ;)
On Tuesday night we threw one hell of a party with good friends, tasty food, smiling faces and shaking booties.

Thanks to all who attended and made this night unreal!

EI3A4536Photo courtesy: Bolon

EI3A4710Photo courtesy: Bolon

EI3A5015Photo courtesy: Bolon

EI3A4670Photo courtesy: Bolon

EI3A4093Photo courtesy: Bolon

EI3A4070Photo courtesy: Bolon

EI3A4121Photo courtesy: Bolon

Things and happenings that made us go quiet due to inspiration overload >>

BAUX – 100 % sustainable

Premiering their latest product at the Stockholm fair, BAUX new acoustic panels are truly something new and exciting.

Working with a team of chemists specialising in Biomimicry, the art of imitating nature's own processes, the chemical-free, pressed material is formed of organic, cellulosic fibres sourced from sustainably harvested Swedish trees.

Feeling tactile, while being soft and strong at the same time, BAUX's new acoustic panels feels like pressed paper when you touch it but resembles a kind of terrazzo material when you look at it. Very cool.

We find it refreshing to find a product that is not just partially sustainable or recyclable but where the whole idea is genuinely based on nature. 

Way to go! 🌳

DSC04259-1Photo courtesy: Bolon

DSC04262-1Photo courtesy: Bolon

BAUX_Acoustic_Pulp_01_galleryPhoto courtesy: Dezeen

baux dezeen2Photo courtesy: Dezeen

Nordgrönt – 

Their acoustic panels were a cool backdrop to this beautiful ceramic creature. We're not sure where it comes from but how stunning!?

DSC04301-3-1Photo cred: Bolon


Brilliant colour combinations at Swedese's installation. In between Scandi-grey and Stockholm beige, flowers and magic colour combos were a very welcome sight. 

DSC04316Great mix of indoor and outdoor, green and light wood. Spring feelings at Swedese. Courtesy: Bolon

DSC04322Refreshing with flowers taking centre stage in Swedese's beautiful installation. Bolon's designer Petra Lundblad taking a walk. Photo by Bolon

Swedese matrum_SwedeseBeautiful colour set by the ever so talented stylist Tina Hellberg. Photo courtesy: Swedese

Färg & Blanche – a personal journey

Hosting a very intimate and personal exhibition, Emma and Fredrik of Färg and Blanche set up an exhibition in Emma's great great grandfather's old residence – the Baker's house, where 10 new objects and furniture inspired by the place and the family history were on display.

We left the Baker's house filled with admiration and inspiration... wow.

bakers-house-stockholm-design-week-farg-blanche-interiors-installations-_dezeen_hero-1Photo courtesy: Dezeen

bakers-house-stockholm-design-week-farg-blanche-interiors-installations-_dezeen_2364_col_8Photo courtesy: Dezeen

IMG_0486Photo courtesy: Bolon

bakers-house-stockholm-design-week-farg-blanche-interiors-installations-_dezeen_2364_col_11Färg&Blanche installation. Photo courtesy: Dezeen

Ung svensk form @ Museum of Architecture – 

Ung svensk form, Young Swedish Design, hosted an exhibition presenting the most intriguing new designs from Sweden’s young creativesSo much fun! Sweden's design future is in good hands 🙌

IMG_0441-1Photo courtesy: Bolon

IMG_0437Photo courtesy: Bolon

IMG_0439Photo courtesy: Bolon

IMG_0443Photo courtesy: Bolon

IMG_0444Photo courtesy: Bolon

Iittala – Creating Atmospheres (when eating becomes form)

What's the definition of a plate? What separates it from that of a glass?

Beautiful colour composition by Jasper Morrison and Iittala.


IMG_0421Photo courtesy: Bolon

stockholm_jasper_morrison_iittala-03Wood wood wood. Photo cred: FRAME

Love being on the hunt for new inspiration and already looking forward to Salone in April. See you there!