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3 Reasons to Choose an Easy-to-Clean Flooring

Posted by Bolon on September 01, 2017

As an architect drawing a flooring plan of a commercial space, one of the most important factors to consider is ease of cleaning. In this article we're explaining why: 


An environmental flooring that doesn't require harsh chemicals in its daily maintenance means less damaging substances into our precious water supplies and more value to your clients as they will protect themselves from breathing hazardous, toxic chemicals on a daily basis. By selecting a flooring that is easy to keep clean with the help of a vacuum cleaner, some water, a scrubbing brush and stain remover, you'll make both your client and the wider environment a favor. 


Stains on a woven vinyl flooring, no drama.Coffee stains on your flooring? No drama, all you need is a bit of paper and a cloth soaked in warm water.


In selecting the right type of flooring, most decisionmakers tend to take factors such as durability, design, cost and maintenance into consideration but often don't include the hygienic factor.

A key element to consider when selecting a flooring, especially for large projects, is how different flooring systems might affect the indoor environment. Since flooring often is the largest surface in a building, it offers an important opportunity to impact the indoor air quality and a hygienic flooring does really make a difference.

Without bragging about Bolon's flooring, this is one of the strongest features of our product. Dirt, chemicals, skin cells, pollen and dust mites are not allowed into the carpet backing which makes it easier than textile flooring to thoroughly clean.

Perhaps this is why hotels from near and far choose Bolon flooring over a thick textile carpet where dirt, bacteria and allergens settle beneath the weave and padding.


Bolon flooring, perfect for hotel environmentsMany hotels install woven vinyl flooring because of the feeling of textile but the practical advantages of vinyl where dirt, chemicals, and pollen don't enter the carpet backing.


3. Lower maintenance = LOWER CLEANING COSTS 

A product needing the minimum of cleaning will reduce your customer's cleaning costs and save them money. Cleaning in a sustainable manner is both cost effective and time saving since there is no need for machine washing, expensive cleaning products or hiring a group of specialists in order to get the floor clean. A low maintenance, easy-to-clean flooring will get your client a higher return on their initial investment. 

BolonByJeanNouvelDesign_No2.jpgBolon's  flooring isn't just pretty, it's also sustainable, hygienic and easy to keep clean.

It's all about choosing your floors. When doing so, make sure you select an easy-to-clean flooring