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An EASY Guide To Designing Your Own Flooring

Posted by Bolon on September 01, 2017

In January 2016, the Bolon design team launched the customisable flooring collection Bolon By You. Unique in its kind, the collection introduced a new interactive concept of personalisation, allowing architects and interior designers to explore and put their own personal touch on Bolon's flooring.

By making their own selection of pattern, warp and weft colour, designers are introduced to an interactive tool on the Bolon website where the final product is the result of its creator's personal vision and imagination. 

bolon by you

Petra Lundblad, designer at Bolon, sees the importance of giving architects, designers and interiors a chance to create unique flooring solutions that will reflect their aesthetic and functional vision while interacting with Bolon's material.  And the result, she says, has been mindblowing: 


“The collection makes a statement, and the flooring works well in unexpected spaces, where fashion, colour and art contributed to the diverse designs.Whether installed in a small boutique or an expansive gallery, this living collection is quite the opposite from a standard collection."


The design team as well as everyone else here at Bolon, are still, after two years since its release, amased to see innovative combinations of the flooring being produced in the factory. 

Considering designing your own flooring solution? 

Here's a guide to help you get started:
  1. Imagine it 

You are keen to customise your own, unique Bolon flooring concept, have a few ideas for your project in mind and head to the interactive Bolon By You tool to complete the simple 3-stage process.
bolon by you example
  1. Design it
→ The first thing you do is to select one of the nine patterns. Both rolls and tiles are available.
Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 12.33.37-1.png
tiles and rolls
→ Proceed by selecting one of the four warp colours.
(If you're unsure of the terms and language of textile, scroll down to the warp and weft explanation).
warp colours 
→ The next step in the design process is to choose a weft colour from the twelve exclusive items.
These represent a wide palette, from light pastel shades to vibrant, confident, primary colours and darker, more sober tones. 
weft colours
  1. Make it
Finally, export the designs to the mood board area where to compare and evaluate several designs before marking the samples to request.
et Voilà, that's how you put your vision into sample and design your own Bolon By You collection!
Striped black, steel and grey version of Bolon By You.
rekarne 3.jpg
Creative take on Bolon by You at the Rekarne Sparbank Office in Eskilstuna, Sweden. One of our favorites!
 The technical terms of weft and warp: 
The term weft refers to the crosswise thread that interlaces with the warp thread on a woven fabric. In more detail, this is the thread that goes from left to right. Weft and left rhyme, this is a trick to remember that the weft goes from the left to the right.
Warp forms lengthwise core of the fabric and is often described as the  longitudinal thread in a roll.